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Volume 1 - Research Papers
Editors: Nicholas Reynolds, Mary Webb
Nicolaus Copernicus University Press, Toruń 2013
Front pages:Title page,Table of Contents
Introduction - Nicholas Reynolds, Mary Webb
International Program and Local Organizing Committees
ISBN 978-83-231-3090-1

Knowledge Building with Senior Secondary Students: a New Zealand Study, Kwok-Wing Lai
Comparison of Institutional Innovation: Two Universities’ Nurturing of Computer -based Examinations, Andrew E. Fluck, Nora Mogey
Teachers Attitudes and Perceptions on the Use of ICT in Teaching and Learning as Observed by ICT Champions, Enos Kiforo Ang’ondi
Networked Narrative Accounts of Personal Learning Projects: an Instrument for Systemic Intervention Research in Higher Education, Sebastian H.D. Fiedler, Terje Väljataga
Solving Ill-structured Problems: Student Behaviour in an Online Problem-solving Environment, Dale S. Niederhauser, Craig A. Ogilvie, Serkan Toy
A Study of a Secondary School Netbook Program –Strategies, Success Factors and Futures, Therese Keane, Chris Pilgrim
Multiplicity Doctor: A Diagnosis Tool for Clarity and Consistency of the Multiplicity in a Static UML Model, Yoshiaki Matsuzawa, Kotaro Nozawa, Yasuhiro Noguchi, Sanshiro Sakai
Interactive Visual Exploration of Learning Data: The Role of Teachers as Learning Analysts, Sandra Rebholz, Paul Libbrecht, Wolfgang Müller
The Use of Educational Technologies to Equip Students with 21st Century Skills, Therese Keane, William F. Keane, Aaron S. Blicblau
What Can We Add to Solution Environments to Enable Real-time Teacher Support?, Rein Prank
Teaching Embedded Systems in Higher Education by Visualizing Component Relations, Steffen Büchner
Using Robots as Learning Objects for Teaching Computer Science, Renata Burbaite, Robertas Damaševičius, Vytautas Štuikys
Inspiration and Programming, Michael Weigend
Gamification-based e-learning Platform for Computer Programming Education, Jakub Swacha, Paweł Baszuro
A two-stage Model of Teachers’ Training in Learning Management Systems, Maria Idalina Santos, Ana Amélia Amorim Carvalho
Learning Mathematics Using ICT in Pre-service Teacher Education, Christine Bescherer, Marc Zimmermann
The Applicationand Impact of ICT in Education for Sustainable Development, Barbara Kędzierska, Johannes Magenheim, Agnieszka Kędzierska, Robert Fischbach
Working Together in Open Wonderland: Collaboration in a Virtual World by Trainee Teachers Working on Group Portfolios of Teaching Resources, Margaret de Jong-Derrington, Mary Webb
Organizational Learning, Agility and Social Technologies for Enhanced Organizational Performance, Nicholas B Mavengere, Kati Tikkamäki
The Effect of Individual Difference on Learning Performance Using Web based Instruction, Rana A.Alhajri, Steve Counsell, XiaoHui Liu
The Refuseniks of Blogging, Halvdan Haugsbakken
Cultural Variation in Perception and Codingin IT Students, Jaana Holvikivi
Researching Teacher Take-up of ICT: Past Perspectives and Present Day Challenges, Michael Hammond
Integration of ICT in Early Childhood Education, Ivan Kalas
Introducing a Mobile Learning Attitude Scale for Higher Education, Ferial Khaddage, Gerald Knezek
Digital Learning Resources, in what Situations do Students Find them Useful?, Turid Aarseth, Celia M. Berg, Anne Karin Wallace
Psychometric Considerations for Digital Assessments, David Gibson
A Model for the Design of Digital Epistemic Games, Eric Sanchez
ActiveBrain4All A Social Brain Gym Online Platform, Secundino Correia, Paula Medeiros, Margarida Silva
A Bridge Over the Computer Science Graduate Skill Gap, Rénette J. Blignaut, Isabella M. Venter, Karen Renaud
Towards a Didactic System for Embedded System Design in Higher Education, Steffen Jaschke

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